Harry van der Velde eigenaar en oprichter van ZICHT is getraind in analyse en systeemdenken en heeft deze training aangewend ten behoeve van bedrijven en organisaties.

Daarnaast is hij digitaal vakman en illustrator. Dankzij deze vrij unieke combinatie is hij in staat om complexe structuren in beeld te brengen.
Hij haalt essentiële boodschappen uit de schemer van de abstractie.

Lees het interview met Harry van der Velde

“If your vision is clear I can draw it.
If it is still vague, my artwork will enlighten it.”

 ZICHT (zicht is Dutch for sight) provides visualisation of any organisational issue, be it business, political or cultural. It developes insight for its customers bij producing images that reflect their situation from a refreshing point of view. A perspective outside of the box. ZICHT is a one man’s business and Harry founded and runs it. Harry combines his analytical and graphic skills to make things professionally clear. Specifically, abstract and /or complex situations and organizations. Harry excells in problem analysis.

Harry is a visual, multi-dimensional thinker, somewhat like dyslexic people are. He tries to understand what (his) life is about. Likes to visualize “the ultimate way things should work”. Learned the impossibility of his quest, but stays happily hooked on it.

His trick is simple: draw any given situation or problem. A sound concept can be represented by a clear picture of it, as it is a mental image by its nature. So drawing the situation quickly reveals its flaws; they stay blurred and impossible to represent. The blank spots become visible.