This is quick and dirty overview of the broad range of work I have done. From very rough sketches to capture what is happening in the moment up to elaborate turn key projects that visualize the structure of an organisation, complete with all the relevant inner workings and details. The main question remains the same in all of my work: “What does it look like?”.
Because only if it can be depicted in a concrete way it escapes abstraction. Ans only then it creates the mental clarity that makes it doable and manageable.

A selection of process visualisations for the Dutch Tax Authorities. This format design was very successful and has been used many times for other clients too. This is a typical example of an integral turn key process. From the client’s initial undefined need for clarity until the final product. In this case printed folders.

This is a typical sketch resulting from an inquiry. The style has become very minimalistic as not to distract from the content.

Graphic recording of a talk at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, probably 2011
Constellation of definitions regarding a generalized production process. To show how they interlock to create certainty. [Dutch]
A graphic recording depicting the ideal process as seen by bureaucrats. More interactive, less predictable.

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