On our Global Collaboration Challenge

This article is written in order to word my personal perspective and the state of the situation and to find my place in it.  So this is just my personal perspective, the way I see it. I am aware that this implies a limited point of view and I am keen to learn from others to get a wider understanding.

Since september 2017 I have been engaging in the Global Challenges Collaboration. This is motivated by my own quest: how to have better conversations. I thought (and still think) better conversations are a key ingredient for better collaborations. Since then we had many conversations, long and winding explorations. And I learned a lot since then. Mostly to listen. My focus has changed too. I started out wanting to change the world around me, bringing the fruits of my thinking and learning. Eager to share my findings with my peers. Grateful to spend time with like minded conscious and intelligent adults bringing their views to the shared space.
In the beginning there was a strong shared felt sense that the old solutions had in fact become part of the problem and that we need radical different approaches if we want to survive as a species. And the new approach would have to recognise, acknowledge and honour the innate intrinsic value of every single human on the planet.

Since then we have been floating around on this immense ocean of words. Many participants have brought their approaches, insights and methods to the table. But very little has been picked up by others, let alone being taken and applied by others. It is hard to bring the results of your lifelong journey, your very best, back to the group to find them ignored or only politely listened to. The only group patterns are the different weekly meetings and some sharing on the GCC facebook page and chats.

The tension between the original ambition and the lack of group coherence is huge. Many participants show frustration. Especially the ´do-ers´. The talkers and feelers seem less stressed about it. But the void is clear and acknowledged by all.

I am contemplating this myself. My current understanding is quite different from a year ago. It has changed a lot since then. Today I am moved to put words on my immature thoughts. Hoping the practise of writing will stimulate the emergence of coherence and clarity around that.

I suspect that the root of todays brutal extractive economy has been identified. It is trauma. Individual and collective trauma. This insight totally changed my vision on collaboration. Seen through this lens new technologies or methods will not help. Only deep healing will open the way to wholeness and wholesome behaviour.

So since then I stopped contributing to the solution pile and focused my time and attention to the wicked challenge of healing myself. While meanwhile practising being of value and service to my fellow humans. And as intended from the start, this new approach means to recognise, acknowledge and honour the innate intrinsic value of every single human on the planet. Yet, to my surprise I had to start with healing myself.

This does not help my original purpose to have better conversations. It does not make my conversations easier. Although my personal discovery is as old as the world, it is not a popular approach. It is way easier to project the cause of any discomfort outside one self. So now any turmoil has become a practise ground: If anything in me is triggered, what tension in me wants to be resolved? Because I think all I have is my perception.

Published by Harry van der Velde

I am on the never ending quest of developing consciousness. I like to see it. Made it my profession to sketch out my current understanding. Working as a Visual Thinker and Graphic Facilitator, preferably where it adds the most value. Complex and wicked challenges are the most interesting.

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