Leidsch Dagblad: Elf grote infrabedrijven vinden: We moeten anders over welvaart gaan denken, niet alleen willen groeien | opinie

Leidsch Dagblad: Elf grote infrabedrijven vinden: We moeten anders over welvaart gaan denken, niet alleen willen groeien | opinie. https://www.leidschdagblad.nl/cnt/dmf20210423_15542710

The system is not rigged, it is just plain wrong.

It all adds up Currently there is a growing acceptance of some flaw in our economic system. Being born and raised in it, I could not see or understand it. I always only felt uncomfortable with some normal standards. But I felt the mistake was mine. Like I did not have the proper qualities toContinue reading “The system is not rigged, it is just plain wrong.”

Meaning making by coherence

This I believe, while fully aware that it is just that: a belief. My working hypothesis about reality.And that is the assumption that there is a truth, beyond what we can comprehend. The Truth does exist, me thinks. But we are limited by our capabilities. We can only perceive so much.Putting our knowledge together isContinue reading “Meaning making by coherence”

Our survival game

The last century we discovered a lot. We learned to exploit the power of machines, industrialization, mass production, chemicals, plastics, computers and the internet.Fiercely competing among ourselves for mastery and profit we maximized our efforts to grow and develop society to an unprecedented level of consumption and waste.Within 1oo years we totally changed the faceContinue reading “Our survival game”

Thomas Goorden heeft lef.

Al jaren weet mijn Antwerpse vriend Thomas Goorden perfect te verwoorden waar het vandaag om dient te gaan en hij heeft het lef om daarbij de koe daadwerkelijk bij te horens te vatten.Vandaag 7 februari vat hij op facebook de huidige stand van zaken in onze verkruimelende samenleving als volgt samen: Nu iedereen toch eenContinue reading “Thomas Goorden heeft lef.”

Purpose and identity: Who are we?

I engaged in the GCC because I wanted to spend my energy and time to help solve the wicked global challenges. Since then I have been on a journey. Which brought me to the deepest places. Places where according to some wisdom the solutions are hidden: within my self. So I feel I actually amContinue reading “Purpose and identity: Who are we?”

On our Global Collaboration Challenge

Since september 2017 I have been engaging in the Global Challenges Collaboration. This is motivated by my own quest: how to have better conversations. I thought (and still think) better conversations are a key ingredient for better collaborations. Since then we had many conversations, long and winding explorations. And I learned a lot since then.Continue reading “On our Global Collaboration Challenge”