Sign of the Times

While the waters are rising and the forests all over the planet are burning even more threatening processes are taking place under the vast surface of our oceans.

Due to our pollution of the atmosphere and our rivers. Our seas are acidifying. With desastrous effects. The minuscule creatures at the bottom of the food chain lose their skeletons. And with that the whole marine ecosystem will collapse,

This needs to stop. We need a radical transition to another way of stewarding our society, economy and the planet as one intertwined ecosystem.

Here is a Dutch article with more detail:

Published by Harry van der Velde

I am on the never ending quest of developing consciousness. I like to see it. Made it my profession to sketch out my current understanding. Working as a Visual Thinker and Graphic Facilitator, preferably where it adds the most value. Complex and wicked challenges are the most interesting.

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