What is the GCC to me?

Short first guess, writing this on Sunday 23rd December 2018: The GCC does not exist as a well defined entity. To me the GCC is not a group, tribe, community or any other form defined by boundaries. One of the properties ´it´ does have is that it — until now – is unconditionally open. Part of ´my´ parttaking in the new way of ´doing us differently´ is to be inclusive. A consequence of that it includes all the shit anyone can bring. I am aware of that. It is just a part of the learning to me.

The GCC is at this moment a rythmic pattern of Zoom Sessions and some attributed virtual sites, the most important being the open group page on Facebook. And maybe I could also call the GCC a meme. It is an unfolding story that is still slowly forming through the experiences of those who take part in the conversations.

This explains why I personally have not tried to have group agreements or other rules, norms, guidelines. Nor have I tried to create projects, definitions or anything. It felt that adding my stuff to the huge pile of ideas, views, proposals and solutions would only complicate. That said I am not in the GCC just to pass the time with conversations.

As a result of meeting regularly, personal connections and bonds are formed. Those evoke all the habitual, instinctive, emotional, functional, deliberate patterns and meanings that I have experienced in other gatherings. Those need to find their proper place in what I am trying to discover by participating in the GCC conversations.

My focus is to discover the new patterns of behavior that allow us to rise above the problems we face as humanity. So far I am surprised that we – the regular participants – have not made any significant new discovery. This brings me to hold the current hypothesis that there might not exist totally new behaviors. It seems we might need to work with what exists and distill the best practises, behaviors and theories out of all what history provides.

So after a year and a half of participating, I notice myself returning to earlier learnings, after having been present in the group expecting and hoping to be surprised. The biggest surprise however is that there weren´t any. I witnessed a totally natural evolution that followed precisely all the rules of the game. So for the last weeks I notice I am returning to the definitions offered by my favorite authors. They all describe these rules in different language, from different disciplines. The most important being:

  • Stephen Wolfram
  • Manfred Eigen
  • Clare Graves
  • Saswitha

What I conclude from their thinking that – no matter what else is out there- in this here universe we are bound and defined by the natural laws of that universe. So if we want harmony for the human society in a thriving healthy world we need to deeply understand those laws and how they play out.

This is what I have been doing and my current assumption seems to be that the only thing I have is the autonomy over my own being and doing. So my response to the challenge of ´doing us differently´ is to do me differently first. That could well take my lifetime.

Meanwhile I fully support anybody in his of hers own journey. By writing this I made explicit my current understanding. The GCC probably will continue to gell and solidify into some structure that will support the intentions of the most committed contributors. I assume that it will be surprisingly common in its final appearance.

Wether it will allow and / or support ´doing us differently´’ in an efficient and effective way will – in my mind- depend on how wisely we will be able to design and enginee this cooperative space.

And I just noticed this is al very true and coherent reasoning for me but as well only ´half the truth´. What is missing is all the unseen outside of our abilities to perceive. There is the present universe and beyond that there seems to be something multidimensional. Sind a few days I labeled it ´Gurdieff space´ following a conversation with people to whom he is a teacher.

I attribute all the wonders, synchronisities and serependities to originate form there serving some higher purpose. My life is ful of unexpected surprises and I am open to all the surprises that will happen around what is known as thee ´GCC´…

Published by Harry van der Velde

I am on the never ending quest of developing consciousness. I like to see it. Made it my profession to sketch out my current understanding. Working as a Visual Thinker and Graphic Facilitator, preferably where it adds the most value. Complex and wicked challenges are the most interesting.

5 thoughts on “What is the GCC to me?

  1. The GCC is the time, place and participants of the Zoom sessions and the Facebook group, with some other things like the website or the recordings having the GCC label on them, but being largely abandoned. It has a certain culture of what can be said and how. Content-wise, to me, it looks rather confused.

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  2. “[…] is unconditionally open.”

    It is not. Why would a review process be needed to join the Facebook group? Why can/should be one be blocked from the Facebook group? What happens if somebody shows up to promote the old, industrial paradigm? What about the requirement to be live according to a certain schedule and timezone, what about other languages than English? Not that “unconditional openness” needs to be an important fundamental principle, but I find it a far-fetched claim that it is unconditionally open, both in the narrow and wider sense.


  3. I agree no big supersize after over a year talking to intelligent human beings. I guess if conditions are not present we go with the flow.


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