Optimal society

Still orienting into the new year and where to invest my time, attention and energy. One of the learnings of the last that sticks with me is that all the solutions are already invented. But to agree and collaborate on a large scale turns out to be very hard. The preference to promote individual preferences is recognised, but there are more obstacles.
We humans seem to have a strong biological bias to serve the interest of the ingroup above interests that rationaly are equially or even more important. So we need to organise acknowledging our natural limitations here. I think that I would be more happy personally knowing the individuals that form my life. The Dunbar number limits that to 148.
This makes me wonder what a society would look like if it consisted of interlinking small networks of that size. Would it prevent exclusion?

Published by Harry van der Velde

I am on the never ending quest of developing consciousness. I like to see it. Made it my profession to sketch out my current understanding. Working as a Visual Thinker and Graphic Facilitator, preferably where it adds the most value. Complex and wicked challenges are the most interesting.

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