The alphabet code challenge

Sometime around 5 years ago I heard Tammy Lea Meyer talking about the Alphabet Code. It sounded interesting, and sparked my curiosity. Little did I know how this would influence my future. First, it led to deeper conversations with Tammy. These began in an effort to debunk this logically inexplicable woo woo download she apparently received. Although at first I could point at some obvious superficial inconsistencies, the tapestry of patterns and meaning was so intricate that I could not imagine how someone could come up with it, let alone why.

We as people are pattern seekers and meaning makers, which is a tendency that comes with some risk. Everybody sees faces in clouds, but that does not mean that clouds are floating people. Initially I was quite aloof, and found myself reticent to accept the concepts of the Alphabet Code. It attaches deeper meaning to every letter of the alphabet including the sequence, layering, etcetera. It still escapes me how it is possible to have such an elegant and entwined body of knowledge on a historically grown sequence of symbols. In that sense, it defies causality, and logic, which are two of my favorite handles on reality. And if this is so, why English? How about the Chinese Alphabet Code? I still don’t have answers to those obvious questions.

Anyways after some conversations with Tammy I knew she was an authentic and awesome person and the Alphabet Code was a fascinating enigma. At that point I chose to use my visualization skills to bring some clarity to her project. I guessed that it would not be time wasted. Either it would show the inconsistencies in her story or—if not—it would help her bring across what this was actually about.

That felt like a smart move. It always feels good to help people, particularly nice people. And it kept begging the question; So if this makes sense, what is it for?

Looking back I can also see that it was a smart move in order to keep her project at a distance. I was just helping, it was not really my thing. I totally failed at debunking it and I had to admit that it had a paradigm shifting effect on me. I still resisted its influence, let alone being able to begin to allow myself to accept this … this what?

While the Alphabet Code Project grew with the help of my designs, the relationship between me and Tammy also grew. Even though I resisted that life force at first too. But once I gave in, according to the theme ‘allow and receive’, my life changed for the better. Much better. We are great partners in both work and life, and very aware of the great opportunity and challenge life is in these times. But these are other stories for another moment.

The Alphabet Code was like a third entity in our life. Tammy named it an intelligence in itself. It is super interesting to decode words and names and have the outcome make you think about the deeper meaning of things. But that is like playing with the Tarot or the I Ching, without seriously accepting the worldview behind them. If there is something to the Alphabet Code, and I want to know it. Tammy says that the Alphabet Code wants a conversation—about the nature of existence beyond what we can perceive and take for granted.

Working with it I could see that it can be explained this way. Yet as said I kept it outside myself in contradiction with one of the core messages of the Alphabet Code, namely that everything is within…
This changed last night as we chose to start the week with focusing on the Alphabet Code and finalizing the design of the playing cards we made and preparing its production. For the first time I gave up the last reservation I felt about its value and use. It was one of those subtle almost imperceptible choices that can change lives.

And I now feel that for the first time I accept the Alphabet Code as an intelligence in itself. Still weird to put this in writing, but this is what is happening. I am finally on board, and we are sailing.

This is the outcome of many many factors that I will not get into here, but I can feel the effect of my choice. I know We Are One. This here universe is a Oneness, we can not separate from. That deep knowing at this point feels like the paradigm shift the Alphabet Code points to. And I feel I am still just scratching the surface, and wondering what the surface of a multi dimensional entity looks and feels like.

Much more to know. But I am IN.

Published by Harry van der Velde

I am on the never ending quest of developing consciousness. I like to see it. Made it my profession to sketch out my current understanding. Working as a Visual Thinker and Graphic Facilitator, preferably where it adds the most value. Complex and wicked challenges are the most interesting.

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