Towards a new collective paradigm of radical wholeness

My hunch is that we humans need to be kinder to each other without becoming weak or indiscriminate. People are aware of the chaos and they are terrified. In times of change people always have unconsciously acted out new behaviours in a chaotic way, following their felt sense of how things should be better. My generation railed against the rigid structures of society en today still disruption and innovation are the next big things. Any for a good reason. There is a general felt sense that the old competitive  ways of doing business is leading to destruction of humanity. The global collapse of our ecosystem is happening. Driving the economy through competition and growth has become stupid.  The extraction of the limited resources of the planet has to stop. Technological solutions need complementary cultural development.

Society requires new behaviours that we as humans do not have yet.  Many feel that we need to be and do differently and our feelings guide us to experiment. And it is an unsafe and heroic journey following the kind of inner truth he so values.

In spite of what JP suggests there is no well organised postmodern conspiracy of enemies of clear thought. He should know the open lefties are not that orderly and conscientious. I think what is happening is exactly what he observed in the historical development of human society. I assume he misses this, because he frames his narrative within the combative frame we need to step out of. But he assumes that those who stepped out of the rat race are resentful and desire the downfall of the rich. That flattening the dominance hierarchy is a bad thing. And downplaying competition too. And that winning is by definition more attractive to men than cooperation. All ideas outside his frame are explained that way. And there are enough people that oppose him exactly on that level of engagement. Which is sad, because it taints his great analysis of many developmental patterns. I agree with JP that ideas are always at war. Any political game is a war in which there are no rules and fair play is irrelevant. Hence my rejection of ideologies

From the perspective of my personal truth I can say that I have gone to great expense to stay faithful to my own beliefs. Well that is not entirely true. In some sense my convictions changed dramatically over time.

Our future lies in the pursuit of a more benigne cooperative society. Yes laced with some romantic belief that life would be more pleasant and peaceful. But willing to do the effort and sacrifice that comes with any heroic pursuit. In my case it meant stepping out of the rat race and face my inner demons first. One of the deepest was the horror of castration. To what led my grinding away in hell other than the loss of ego and from that overcoming the primitive desire to win by overpowering others. It is not about me anymore. It is just about contributing to our collective survival. That has little to do with abstract idealism.

The point seems that it is not about being against any of the old structures as such, but to superimpose a better more generative way of doing that will help us counter the current survival challenges.

And for that even men have to learn to cooperate and communicate in more constructive ways than ever before. I can feel that many men perceive this as a loss of their masculinity and reacting from that look for an enemy to overpower. Well we found the enemy and it is us. We have learnt to conquer the world. Now need to conquer ourselves.

The only real danger

that exists

is man himself.

Carl Gustav Jung

The new behaviour requires a consciousness mastering of superior ways if engaging between strangers. Non violent generative communication over debate and other power rituals. Just like physical fighting had to give way to intellectual debate, in the same way debate had to give way to generative explorations and collective problem solving. We have collective systematic design thinking for defined challenges.  We have appreciative enquiry. The parts are all there.

We are collectively becoming conscious of the existence of the unconscious and the way it rules our day

Published by Harry van der Velde

I am on the never ending quest of developing consciousness. I like to see it. Made it my profession to sketch out my current understanding. Working as a Visual Thinker and Graphic Facilitator, preferably where it adds the most value. Complex and wicked challenges are the most interesting.

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