What did I learn in the GCC in 2018?

a first rough draft. work in progress. published to evoke enriching comments.

Many things. And they deserve to be worded and documented.

  1. Dreams do not influence gravity. Nor any other law of this universe.
  2. Interaction between energy and matter form waves. Waves form patterns. The interaction between patterns expressses as turbulence.
  3. This unavoidably will keep harmony and peace to be temporary states.
  4. Serve not lead evolution. I am just one expression of the whole.
  5. Truth is that belief that is strong, convincing, coherent and consistent enough to base my actions and decisions upon.

So how can this standing wave known as Harry help existence? How can life express itself at it´s best in Harry? How can learnings and consciousness be past on between beings without having to start from zero at birth? Our externalized memory in writings and buildings and art and culture prove to be helpful. I suspect we need standardization of conversation and dialog to bring it beyond the personal exchanges.  So we need to augment both the very personal individual bonds between humans and the unpersonal exchange of thoughts, ideas, ideologies and arguments. The first is the kind of practising we do in the GCC Zoom sessions. Presencing and practising our mutual respect, space holding. lisening and acknowledgement. The second still needs to be made. I imagine a ditributed kind of argument map. Alle contributions are anonomous to avoid bias.

Published by Harry van der Velde

I am on the never ending quest of developing consciousness. I like to see it. Made it my profession to sketch out my current understanding. Working as a Visual Thinker and Graphic Facilitator, preferably where it adds the most value. Complex and wicked challenges are the most interesting.

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