The growing GCC network

This Saturday ‘Barn Raising’ conversation gave me the opportunity to connect with Alex Reid from New Zealand, Heidi Hornlein from Italy, Jonah Lion from the United States. And Esteban Trev from Mexico. That gave me the opportunity to be informed about their websites. Heidi is hosting The Wisdom Factory. Her blog is
. Alex Reid isContinue reading “The growing GCC network”

This tool we call language

From the moment I was introduced to the ‘Teal’ movement it was extremely difficult to understand all I did not understand. Everything mentioned was new, still emerging and without clear structure. Basically the language was unable to properly word what happened. The tools to grasp the evolution had to be developed as part of thatContinue reading “This tool we call language”

Globally Committed Companions

I have been joining the conversations in the GCC very early from when it started. Mainly as the next step after joining the Conversational Experiments by Flemming Funch. Following my desire to learn and master mainly two things: ‘Better Conversations’ and genuine generative ways to globally collaborate. The first has been a theme since 2006, … Continue reading Global Committed Companions

How do values and needs relate?

image credit: There is a lot of talk around values in the GCC. Values – as the word suggests – are important. So what are values? It turns out the scholar Shalom Schwartz* has researched this extensively and the image above illustrates his findings. (more ) So there seem to be sets of values that areContinue reading “How do values and needs relate?”

Patterns of life

Today’s society demonstrates the destructive combination of absolute private property rights and limitless resources exploitation (including ‘human resources’!). We seem to be heading towards self destruction. Many of the ‘woke’ human population try to figure out solutions for the mess we got our species into. Never before has a species voluntarily been able to constraintContinue reading “Patterns of life”